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Whether you want to use a DIY tool or have our Concierge Service do it for you, you can get migrated in no time. That way, you can do more of what you love, make more money and give your clients a killer experience!

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When you switch with Sprout, you'll have more time to do what you love!

Every CRM has lots of historical data you need to move over when switching software - which can be time consuming.

With the DIY tool or our Concierge Service, you can move everything into your new account quickly and with ease.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but what I want to tell you is that switching to Sprout Studio is super easy."
Ellie McKinney
Wedding Photographer
Option 1 - Done-for-you Concierge

Concierge done-for-you migration

Use our full Concierge service to save time. We’ll migrate all the data from your previous CRM into Sprout for you!

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Option 1 - Done-for-you Concierge

We'll move everything over!

Option 2 - DIY Migration
Move your account data to Sprout for free

Do-it-yourself with ease

The DIY Migration Tool is a great free resource built right into your account! Easily move Leads and Shoots into Sprout with our step-by-step guide.

Option 2 - DIY Migration

A free resource built in your account!

Bring all of your data over for free when you sign up by using the DIY Migration Tool built into your settings modal!

Simply input everything you need from your old account into our templates, and we’ll translate it right into your account.

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Use our other helpful resources to get moved in no time

Planned, written, and published documents by our Support Team! Just search your inquiry and access instructions, advice, and diagrams from the people who know Sprout best.

Support team

Real people, real connections. Sprout Studio has LIVE support chats where our on-site team is available to answer questions right in your account!

Learn how to master your account (and business) at your own pace by checking out our free video lessons on Sprout School!


The Sprout Studio community is an amazing group of talented photographers always looking to support each other in our Facebook community group. 

In-App Tours

We have tons of free In-App Tours to assist you in navigating all the powerful features of Sprout! They’re located in the Help Center directly in your account!

Whether you’re a visual learner, or just want to hop on a call – schedule a video or audio call with our support team anytime. 

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