Learn the Sprout lingo

Booking Pages

A booking page gives your clients the ability to self-book with you through a beautiful booking experience. You can optionally include an invitation too, so they can even pick their shoot date and time with you during the guided booking process.

Booking Proposal

A booking proposal lets you give your clients a beautiful experience through booking you as their photographer. This can include a contract, payment details, a questionnaire and even an invitation!


Create multiple brands, where you can specify visual aesthetic as well as organizational details. This way, your clients get a different experience based on the various core businesses you run.

Client Portal

The client portal is where your client will see everything you do for them. Their galleries, invoices, questionnaires, contracts, and more will all be available in one place in their client portal.


A client is the same thing as a contact; only they are categorized differently because they are considered a client for a lead or shoot. A client typically has portal access for a shoot, too, so they can see everything for their shoot.

Collection Method

Collection methods let you specify how your client pays you; this could be via a payment processor such as Stripe, Square or Paypal, or it could be via a manual payment collection method such as e-transfer, cash or cheque.


A contact is a person that you have some sort of relationship with. They could be attached to a lead or shoot, be a part of your email marketing lists or just be a contact that you have as a part of your CRM.


A coupon lets you create a one-off or reusable discount (% or $-based) that your client can use during their booking process or while checking out in their gallery.


A credit lets you specify many items (prints, products, services) that your client has credit for, and they can choose and fulfill specific photos for those items in their gallery.

Design Proofs

Design proofs let you easily collect feedback on books, album designs, and more. This helps you avoid confusion and any unnecessary back-and-forth, allowing you to finally get clarity on change requests while streamlining the whole process.

Email Drip Campaign

An email drip campaign is a way to send a sequence of emails to a group of people. You can even have new recipients automatically added to a drip sequence once they meet specific criteria.

Email List

An email list signifies groups of recipients that will receive your email marketing messages. You can create sign-up forms to collect email addresses on your website, import a list via a CSV, add recipients manually or create a set of filters to add existing contacts to an email list.


Galleries let you show off your work in awe-inspiring online galleries. You can make more money from online sales while streamlining the whole process.


You configure your availability and scheduling preferences in an invitation. You can send your clients an invitation to book a date and time with you, or you can attach an invitation to an existing date to specify the date and time details for that date.


An invoice specifies how much (and when) a client owes you a payment as a part of an order.

Lead Source

A lead source indicates where your leads and shoots came from, whether via a specific marketing campaign or a word-of-mouth source.


A lead is an unbooked job. The potential client has inquired but hasn’t booked you as their photographer yet.

One Page

Each shoot has a One Page; a private link with a unique URL that gives you quick and easy access to all the information you’ll need for a shoot. You can even have your One Page automatically emailed to all of the users on a shoot so everyone is in-the-loop.


An order lets you bill your client for a specific set of items. An order can have one or multiple invoices: the exact due dates and amounts for how much (and when) they owe you.

Payment Schedule

A payment schedule allows you to specify how and when a client pays you. A payment schedule is used to generate invoices on an order.

Price Lists

You organize your prints, products, services, digital offerings and packages into a price list. You can build several price lists that correspond to different sets of offerings for different kinds of photography.


A questionnaire lets you quickly build flexible forms to collect all the information you need from your clients at precisely the right time!


A quote lets you build the “shell” of an order, including a specific set of items, so that you can present your client with a detailed quote of items and prices. You can easily convert a quote into an order once you’re ready to.

Shoot Type

Each shoot type is a different genre of photography you offer.


A shoot is a booked job. The client has signed a contract, paid and has an upcoming shoot with you.

Single Bulk Email

A single bulk email lets you send one email, one time, to a group of people.

Sprout Assitant

Sprout assistant is like having a full-time studio manager whose job is to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You can enable/disable, edit and configure each of the 30+ Sprout Assistant emails globally or on a per-email basis.


You can assign each lead and shoot a status. Statuses are a great way to organize your leads and shoots and be in-the-know of where that lead or shoot is in your workflow.

Virtual IPS Galleries

A virtual IPS gallery allows you to offer your clients the convenience and flexibility of online galleries with the proven sales process of in-person sales.


In a workflow, you define a set of steps following an “if this, then that” framework. These steps make up the customer journey for your clients, and so you can apply a workflow to a lead or shoot over-and-over again.

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