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January 5, 2022

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Candy Heart Valentines for the Photographer in Your (Love) Life!

Karly Ruesen, Growth Marketer About Karly

Happy Valentines Day flash-crossed lovers!📸💘

We've designed some heart candy (insta-)grams to share with you photogra-lovers… but first, here's some interesting stats to keep in mind when running a Valentine's Day campaign or promotion for your photography business.

⇣⇣⇣ Take me to the punny photography valentines 🤭


Whether you love or loathe “Cupid's Day”, ALL categories of photography businesses can benefit massively from “the second-priciest holiday on the U.S. calendar”! We can think of just a few ways where pro photogs can get a slice of the ooey-gooey pie…🥧

Commercial photographers: A whopping $27.4 billion in spending is projected for Valentine's Day this year–up 32% from 2019. From your typical florist and jewelry stores to unconventional “love” businesses–like the telephone company, T Mobile, prompting potential customers to write a Break-Up Letter to their existing cellular provider–this is an optimal time for shooting promotional products and services for businesses of any size.

Wedding/engagement sessions: A predicted 9 million marriage proposals will be made on V-Day this year. This is a key time to show up on social and start building relations (liking, commenting, following, sending DMs) with newly engaged couples–a tip we learned from Devin Robinson from Anchor & Veil Photography on ep. 414 of The Business of Photography Podcast.

Family mini sessions: $4.3 billion will be spent on family/kids this year. Families, especially first-time parents, are looking for new ways to celebrate the seasonal holiday and your V-Day promotional campaign should emphasize this!

Boudoir photographers: Over $1.7 billion will be spent on lingerie, accessories, and personal care. The “sexy” holiday provokes V-Day to be one of the busiest times of the year for boudoir photography. An album filled with sensuous pictures is a great gift for your significant other, or even more so… yourself!

Newborn photographers: Children conceived on V-day spikes up to 6% higher than other weeks out of the year. Now this one might take a little while to come to fruition (…9 months to be exact😉), but it may be interesting to relook at November's numbers and build different campaign strategies around this time (such as running more ADs or offering specialized packages). And like the wedding/engagement sessions mentioned above, the months following February are an optimal time to start building those relationships early and set into motion a new client's journey with you (such as starting with a maternity session.).


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Photographer-edition candy heart Valentines 💕

Cut the crop this #ValentinesDay !! Post your favorite candy heart background to your IG Story and tag your photog-lover (or us @getsproutstudio 😇) to let them know how you REALLY feel about them 😜💝



Oh, and as a bonus, here's a screen saver for your phone if your “lovesick” all year round!😍



Let us know in the comments below or in our Facebook Community Group what your favorite candy heart is ?!


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