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Sprout Studio is an all-in-one app to help you run your photography business and includes a CRM, studio management system, galleries & more!

If I were to ask you to describe your career as a photographer in 5 years, what would it look like?

Success shows up differently for everyone, and your goals will be different from those of any other photographer reading this. But do you know specifically what success looks like for you? Do you have the drive to achieve it? Do you know the path to get there? Are you currently taking action to move yourself along that path?

We often feel that we’ve become a victim to our circumstances, blaming outside forces for results that we’re ultimately in control of. Are you being reactive or proactive? Are you actively working towards success, or are you waiting for permission to reach it?

My biggest observation from WPPI 2015

I’m on the plane flying home from WPPI 2015 in Las Vegas, and I am left feeling inspired, excited, energized and optimistic about the future. We announced Sprout Studio just over a week ago, and the response has been overwhelming. Every photographer we spoke with at WPPI is dying in anticipation for Sprout Studio, the first all-in-one business success software. The collective response has been that Sprout Studio will change the industry.

One of our Founding Members is Susan Stripling, a wedding photographer and educator from New York and Philadelphia. Here’s what Susan had to say when we showed her a prototype of Sprout Studio.


More about Sprout in a bit, though …

[highlightcenter]What has become clear to me, especially over this past week, is that photographers have everything they need to be successful right at their fingertips. Yourself included.[/highlightcenter]

Everything that will create the tipping point for you and set you into a completely new trajectory for success is right in front of your eyes.

I’m afraid though. I’m afraid you aren’t listening. I’m afraid you’re too busy telling yourself stories that are blinding you from seeing what’s really right in front of you. I’m afraid you’re too occupied looking for the “next thing” that you aren’t even aware of the what’s right in front of you.

I am afraid that you might be waiting for permission to take action.

… But you shouldn’t be.

[highlightcenter]Take control. Open your eyes. Everything you need is right there. Quiet your mind for a moment and you’ll realize that when you silence the self-doubt, the questions, the insecurities and the lies, that the answers you’re searching for are right there.[/highlightcenter]

The answers you’ve been searching for …

This article thus far is a bit philosophical, and you know I like in-depth, mechanic, process-based education. So let’s bring it back down to earth. What are you struggling with? Here are a few of the solutions that are right in front of your yes.

I could literally go on an on and on, but instead of typing it all above on this post, go ahead and click the “Learn” button at the top of this page and find the article that solves the problems you’re having in your business; I’ll bet it’s there. Or click the “Listen” button at the top of this page and listen to interviews on topics that you’re interested in.


There is so much great education available to you as a photographer, in fact, I believe now is one of the most exciting times to be in the photography industry. In our little corner of the web here on SproutingPhotographer.com, we do everything in our power to write the best actionable how-to business education for you, and to curate and conduct interviews finest educators in our industry for you on our podcast.

Yet so often, I hear photographers ask “How can I price myself?” right after a pricing workshop. I hear photographers post in Facebook groups asking “How can I sell wedding albums?”, when the post above it is a link to an article on that very topic. Or a photographer says “How do I reach my target market?” as they stand in the hallway at WPPI outside a marketing class.

Are you really listening? Are you really open to new ideas? Are you really taking action? Or are you too busy waiting for permission? Perhaps you’re scared of success, and so you keep yourself focused on consuming education instead of acting on it.

Your permission to be successful

Let me give you permission. Permission to listen. Permission to act. Permission to make changes. Permission to quiet the noise in your head and actually see what’s right in front of you. Let me give you permission to stop searching. To stop comparing. To stop doubting.

You have everything you need. You have the motivation. The knowledge is here and everywhere. It’s right in front of you. Now, it’s your turn to step up to the plate and start taking action! Start do’ing!

(Note: That’s the end of my actual article, but this ties nicely in with our recent announcement, and with what I started to talk about earlier re: WPPI and Sprout Studio.) 

Sprout Studio is your path to success

Earlier, I mentioned that we announced Sprout Studio to the world just over a week ago. We spent our entire time at WPPI talking with photographers, demo’ing Sprout Studio and meeting our Founding Members. It is clear that Sprout Studio will undoubtedly be a game changer.

Here’s a couple quick behind-the-scenes photos that Rob took of me demo’ing Sprout Studio to Vanessa Joy and her husband Rob Adams, as well as to Luke Edmonson, all who are Founding Members for Sprout Studio.


Sprout Studio is the ultimate tool for photographers. It enables you to take action and it implements everything we’ve been teaching. It will revolutionize your customer experience, simplify your workflow and help you organize your business. It’s the marriage of Studio Management Software, Online Galleries, Album Proofing and more, all in one platform.

In case the “kick in the pants” at the end of my article above wasn’t enough and you’re still asking yourself “How can I be successful?”, let me remind you that it’s right in front of you! Sprout Studio is your path to success and will enable you to run the photography business you’ve always wanted.

If you want to get in line with all the other photographers who are on the edge of their seat, waiting for Sprout Studio to be available, then come on in and join our Reservation List.

Don’t be caught on the outside. Stop struggling. Stop searching. Stop waiting for permission.

It’s right here. This is your invitation. See you on the inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?

Still have questions about Sprout Studio? We’ve got you! Let’s dig in …

Sprout Studio is different because you get all the apps you need in one place. You get a CRM, invoicing, contracts, bookings, scheduling, questionnaires, galleries, email marketing, album proofing, AI tools, reports and so much more in one single, seamless platform specifically designed for photographers!

You can watch a short demo video of Sprout Studio here. Each feature page on our site also has live demos of various features in Sprout Studio. The best way for you to preview what Sprout Studio looks like is to sign up for a free trial and see it in action for yourself!

It’s not really a fair comparison (for the others) to compare us, because other CRMs are like a camera without a lens and accessory ecosystem. The camera itself may be great, but you’re forced to hunt for off-brand lenses, flashes and accessories that don’t fit and work the same as they would if they were on-brand.

The competitors do 1 thing – a CRM – for example. Or they do online galleries. Or they do email marketing. And many of them do that 1 thing really well! Sprout does those things too – a CRM, galleries and email marketing. And feature-for-feature, we’re all more-or-less comparable. The real difference is that with Sprout, you get all the tools you need in one place, so it’s better for you, your clients and your wallet! Everything works nicely together.

At Sprout Studio, you get industry-leading support from real people who show up every day to help you succeed as a photographer. They’re happy to answer your questions via email, right in your account or via phone.

There are several pricing plans and options for your Sprout Studio subscription, starting as low as $19/month USD. You can learn more on our pricing page.

Setting up Sprout Studio is straightforward. We’ve designed the platform with ease of use in mind. You first walk through Startup Wizard, which guides you through the initial setup process step by step. Additionally, you can download templates and preset workflows that make customization quick and simple, allowing you to get your CRM up and running in no time.

No, you don’t have to start from scratch with Sprout Studio. We provide 100s of customizable templates for emails, contracts, questionnaires, and more, which you can easily adapt to fit your brand and workflow. These templates are designed to save you time and effort, making it easier to maintain consistency and professionalism across all client interactions.

Migrating your existing clients to Sprout Studio is a smooth process. We offer tools that allow you to quickly enter client data directly into Sprout Studio from your existing CRM. You can also hire us to do it for you, and our concierge team will seamlessly migrate your clients for you.

Sprout AI: Questionnaires

Create questionnaires for clients in seconds.

Effortlessly design tailored client questionnaires with Sprout AI, the world’s first AI questionnaire builder for photographers. Say goodbye to the hours spent drafting and revising what to say – transform your client interactions now!


Stop wasting your time writing emails.

Elevate your communication game with Sprout AI. Craft compelling emails in your unique brand voice, effortlessly and efficiently! With a click of a button, you can spend more time doing what you love – photography.


The Photographer's 2024 Industry Report.

We sent out a survey to thousands of professional photographers to better understand how the first half of 2023 was looking for them and what they were thinking about, worried about and excited about moving into 2024. See what they had to say.

2024 Industry Report print out for Professional Photographers

Sick of drowning in admin tasks?

Photographers, don’t let admin tasks dim your creativity. Sprout Studio’s automation and customizable workflows can set you free. Let Sprout Studio take care of the heavy lifting. Sign up for our free trial and rediscover the joy of photography.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography All-in-one CRM

Sick of drowning in admin tasks?

Photographers, don’t let admin tasks dim your creativity. Sprout Studio’s automation and customizable workflows can set you free. Let Sprout Studio take care of the heavy lifting. Sign up for our free trial and rediscover the joy of photography.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography CRM
Reports & Analytics

Time to stop guessing and start growing.

Sprout Studio’s analytics, email marketing, and automation can elevate your photography business. Sign up for our free trial and take the first step towards success.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography Business Insights

Elevate your photography with stunning galleries.

Present your work in the best light with our advanced gallery software. Showcase your creativity and connect with your audience like never before. Experience the power of visual storytelling today.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography Proofing Galleries

Streamline your photography schedule.

Tired of juggling appointments and bookings? Our scheduler features are designed to simplify your life. Spend less time managing schedules and more time capturing moments. Try our scheduler today and take control of your time.

Sprout Studio Professional Photography Scheduler

Spread the love and earn as a photography ambassador.

Calling all photographers! Want to turn your passion into earnings? Join our ambassador program and share your love for photography. Not only do you get to be a part of an inspiring community, but you also have the chance to make money doing what you love.

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