Free Online Business Courses for Photographers

If you’re similar to me, you don’t necessarily like the standardized learning methods that go along with typical online courses and webinars.

There is already a learning curve for photographers when starting a new software, and we don’t think the resources used to teach it should add to your confusion, or worse – put you to sleep.

You’re an entrepreneur, you are trying to run your photography business, find that work-life balance, save money and overall, you just want to continue making a living doing what you love.

That’s why Sprout Studio has created six free online courses for photographers who want to better manage their business, without the pricey enrolment fees or boring lessons that drag on.

Sprout School is the ultimate guide for photographers running their business on Sprout Studio. Whether you’re just getting started or are here to improve your skills, these courses will teach you how to save time, make more money, and keep your clients happy.

Sprout School Course Content

When we created the new Sprout School, we knew it had to be done the “right” way. That is – it had to be informative, to the point, and easily digestible. We knew if we enjoyed the content, then you would too.

Course 1: Sprout Studio Terminology

Learning new software can be tough, we get that, that’s why we designed a kick-off course that gets photographers familiar with the terminology, features, and basics of Sprout Studio. Sprout 101 is your guideline for the following lessons and courses in Sprout School.


  1. Understanding Leads and Contact Forms
  2. Learning about Booking Proposals
  3. What is a Shoot and a Client Portal?
  4. Defining Invitations for Your Clients
  5. Terminology for your Booking Page
  6. Gallery Terms
  7. Understanding a Design Proof
  8. Online Shop Introduction
  9. Online Shop Introduction – Your Virtual Gallery

Course 2: Getting your Account Set Up

Before photographers start using the time-saving and intuitive features found in Sprout Studio, there are some required fields that need to be set up. Sprout School’s Next Steps course will guide you through the sign-up page, settings, and account setup information.


  1. Getting back into Start-Up Wizard
  2. Setting up your Metadata
  3. Customizing your Preferences
  4. Set up your Profile
  5. Sync your Google Calendar
  6. Show off your Brand
  7. Configure your Price Lists
  8. Customize your Shop
  9. Set up your Taxes
  10. Let’s Create Email Templates
  11. Building your Contacts
  12. Add a Payment Method

Course 3: Guiding Your Client Experience

The most important part of running a photography business (or any business) is making your clients happy! That’s why Sprout School has designated this course for learning the features and workflows that enhance your client’s experience, and ultimately – book you more sessions.


  1. Create and View Contact Forms
  2. Creating new Leads
  3. Create and view emails for a client
  4. Creating Booking Proposals for a client
  5. Viewing Booking Proposals as a client
  6. Create and view contracts
  7. Creating new Shoots
  8. Creating Galleries for a client
  9. Viewing Galleries as a client
  10. Creating Invitations for a client
  11. Viewing Invitations as a client
  12. Viewing your Galleries in a Shop
  13. Creating an order for a client
  14. Create and view Design Proofs
  15. Viewing the Client Portal as a client

Course 4: Automate your Business

Automation in Sprout Studio is how photographers can program their account to send reminders and emails for them. It sounds like a big task, but Automation doesn’t have to be scary! We’ve focused this course on how you can build automation in Sprout Studio to be personable, yet save you time in the process.


  1. Intro to Automation]
  2. Automate by creating Workflows
  3. Automate by applying Workflows
  4. Automate using Sprout Assistant pt.1
  5. Automate using Sprout Assistant pt.2

Course 5: Market your Photography Business

Running a business in a competitive field like photography is no easy feat! That’s why Sprout Studio has numerous marketing and sales techniques built-in for you to utilize. This course walks you through how to make the most out of the marketing features in your account.


  1. Intro to Email Marketing
  2. Build your Email List
  3. Build your Email Campaign
  4. Build a Designer Email
  5. Send a Bulk Email or Blast

Course 6: How To…

This course takes a deep dive into your Sprout Studio account by teaching you all the “how-to’s” of managing scenarios you may face as a photographer. By following along in your account, you’ll be a Sprout Studio expert before you know it.


  1. How to Fulfill your Prints with a Lab
  2. How to Self Fulfill your Prints
  3. How to Merge your Clients
  4. How to Set up Mini Sessions
  5. How to Give a Credit
  6. How to Give or Sell a Pack of Digital Files

Why Photographers Choose Sprout School

Digestible Video Format

Easily follow along with all of Sprout School’s lessons in a comprehensive video format that includes step-by-step comparisons and engaging visuals made for the creative mind.

Accompanying Resources

Apply the knowledge you learn in Sprout School at your own pace with free downloadable pdf checklists and documents that will help you practice (and master) your skills.

Expert Advice

Learn directly from photography and business expert Bryan Caporicci as he walks you through the software that he created. Sprout School courses are filled with tips and tricks that will help you master Sprout Studio in no time.


Learn everything you need to run a successful photography business in one place with Sprout Studio. From setting up your account to designing beautiful galleries, Sprout School will teach you how to make running your business easier than ever before.

Become a Pro

After Sprout School, you will have all the skills you need to make the most out of Sprout Studio. Don’t miss the chance to master all the intuitive features created to help you save time, make more money, and stay organized.


The only investment you make with Sprout School is in yourself and your business. All courses are 100% free!

So, are you ready to better manage your photography business, keep your clients happy, save time, and make more money? Then enroll at Sprout School today and join the 700+ other photographers who registered for free.

Enroll Today!

Written by <br>Lauren Cumpson
Written by
Lauren Cumpson

Communications Specialist at Sprout Studio

Written by <br>Lauren Cumpson
Written by
Lauren Cumpson

Communications Specialist at Sprout Studio

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