Email marketing automation for photographers – 6 quick and easy tips for massive success

Sprout Studio is an all-in-one app to help you run your photography business and includes a CRM, studio management system, galleries & more!

Email marketing – and specifically email automation – lets you keep your marketing engine running without needing more of your time.

Marketing and business growth on auto-pilot – sounds good, right?

You already have a solid strategy for email marketing. If not, you should check out our article 5 easy examples of how to use email marketing as a photographer. So now, let’s get into the nitty gritty tactics and make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward with each and every email you send.

Here are 6 quick and easy tips for massive success with email marketing that we’ll go over:

  • Answer – WIIFM; why would someone care?
  • Keep it simple and short
  • Use a single-column text
  • Add a lot of visuals – show off your work
  • Add 1 call to action multiple times
  • Tell a story with a sequence of emails

The types of email marketing and why you should automate it

Let’s first define the 2 different “types” of email campaigns you can create:

  1. Email blast
  2. Email drip sequence

An email blast is a 1-off email that you write, create and send one time. A good example of this is a newsletter, a promotion, an announcement or a flash sale. If you’re using Sprout Studio to do your email marketing, we call these Email Blasts, and it works exactly as you’d expect – you choose your filters for the email, write 1 email and then send it or schedule it.

An email drip sequence is meant to be an ongoing, (potentially) multi-email campaign. A good example of this is a lead magnet follow-up, a series or a sales sequence. Again, if you’re using Sprout Studio to send email marketing, you can set this up to automatically add new clients based on a set of filters, and you can create multiple emails separated by hours, days or weeks apart. This is the best way to put your email marketing on auto-pilot because you build it once, set it live, and never have to worry about it again.

6 tips for email marketing success as a photographer

Answer – WIIFM; why would someone care?

When strategizing, outlining, and writing your email content, always consider the reader’s perspective. WIIFM stands for “What’s in it for me?” It’s a crucial question your audience is silently asking.

To address this, highlight the benefits they will gain from your emails. Are you offering exclusive insights, special promotions, or showcasing photography tips? What are they going to get out of it? Make sure you have that planned ahead of time, and then make it clear right from the subject line and the opening paragraph.

This ensures that your emails capture attention and provide value, making them more likely to be opened and read.

Keep it simple and short

In today’s fast-paced world, brevity is key.

Your audience likely receives dozens of emails daily, so respect their time by keeping your content concise. Focus on delivering a clear message without unnecessary fluff. Use short sentences and paragraphs, and avoid jargon or overly complex language.

Aim for readability and clarity, which will help maintain your audience’s interest and encourage them to engage with your content. If you can convey your message effectively in a few lines, you’re more likely to keep your readers hooked.

Use single-column text

A single-column layout ensures emails are easily read on any device, particularly mobile phones.

Multi-column layouts can be challenging to navigate on smaller screens, leading to a poor user experience. A single-column format helps to maintain a clean and organized look, making it easier for readers to follow your content.

It also directs the reader’s attention smoothly from one section to the next, ensuring they don’t miss any important information. Consistency in layout can significantly improve the readability and effectiveness of your emails.

With the Sprout Studio Designer Email tool, you can add content as a one-column, two-column, or three-column layout. While both the two- and three-column layouts are pretty and look like a newspaper (on desktop), it’s still probably a better user experience for your audience to have content streamlined in a one-column layout.

Add a lot of visuals – show off your work

As a photographer, your visuals are your strongest asset. Obviously!

Use images to capture the reader’s attention and showcase your best work. Visual content is not only more engaging but also helps to break up text and make your emails more visually appealing.

With the Sprout Studio Designer Email tool, there are many layouts that include images. Vary it up to keep things interesting, and let your images do some of the heavy lifting!

Add 1 call to action – multiple times

A clear and compelling call to action (CTA) drives engagement.

To increase the chances of your readers taking the desired action, include the same CTA multiple times throughout your email. This could be a button to book a session, a link to your portfolio, or an invitation to follow you on social media.

Place CTAs strategically at the beginning, middle, and end of your email. Repetition reinforces the action you want them to take and ensures that even if they skim the email, they won’t miss your CTA.

Tell a story with a sequence of emails

A single email can only do so much.

Instead, think of your email marketing as a story that unfolds over a series of messages. This approach, known as an email drip sequence (above), allows you to nurture your audience over time.

Start with a welcome email, followed by a series of emails that gradually provide more information, build interest, and encourage engagement.

Using email drip sequences in your campaigns is easy with Sprout Studio. You can add multiple emails and separate them by hours, days, or weeks to ensure they drip out with appropriate gaps between them.

How to send email marketing campaigns and newsletters as a photographer

You obviously can’t just open up Gmail on your phone and start bulk-emailing dozens or hundreds of clients. You need an email marketing platform and system.

There are many great email marketing platforms for photographers. For example:

  • Flodesk (built specifically for photographers)
  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • Brevo
  • Klaviyo

Want an even better solution for your email marketing? Sprout Studio offers email marketing, too! The best part is that it’s a part of your CRM, so not only do you not have to sign up for and pay for another software, but you can easily filter existing clients based on shoot date, status, and so much more!

Email marketing automation can transform how you interact with your clients, saving you time while enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By implementing these six tips, you can ensure your email marketing not only reaches but resonates with your audience, building stronger relationships and driving more business.

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Sick of drowning in admin tasks?

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