Have you ever been frustrated with a software?

We’ve all had bad experiences with software that isn’t user friendly. You probably can relate to the frustration of opening up a new software and not knowing where to start, what to do or where to go. Heck … do you remember your first time opening up Photoshop? It was probably pretty overwhelming, right? What […]

Balancing functionality and usability

Do you spend more time behind your computer than you’d like? You’d like to spend less time behind your computer and more time behind your camera, right? Have you ever actually calculated how much time you spend behind your computer as a photographer? It’s probably double what you actually think it is, and I’d bet […]

Does the photography industry really need a better mousetrap?

There is no shortage of innovation in our industry, especially in the software space. I was recently at a conference, and I had a conversation with a photographer who said “everyone seems to be making studio management software these days”, and he was right. There are more and more studio management solutions coming on to […]

What are you waiting for? Do you really want to be a successful photographer?

Success shows up differently for everyone, and your goals will be different from those of any other photographer reading this. But do you know specifically what success looks like for you? Do you have the drive to achieve it? Do you know the path to get there? Are you currently taking action to move yourself along that path?

Why thinking big is better than thinking easy

Most of us just want to lead comfortable lives, and we keep to the narrow road of comfort and stability. Try colouring outside the lines for once and do something outrageous for your business, who knows what it could lead to…

Sprout Studio Announcement Day Photographic Re-Cap

A photographic re-cap of Sprout Studio Announcement Day. The day we let our “secret” out. When we celebrated our biggest milestone yet. When the world could finally take a peek behind the curtain. When all of our sacrifices paid off and our hard work was recognized. The one day that was unlike any Christmas morning I can ever remember. The one day that set the trajectory for the rest of our careers.


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