How are you at listening?

When we have a problem that we want to solve, how hard are we listening when someone offers a solution? If we have our blinders on and close our minds to any ideas different to our own then we rob ourselves of any opportunity for change. Obviously if things aren’t working the way we do them now, then we should be open to new ideas or alternative solutions, but are you really listening?

What are you waiting for? Do you really want to be a successful photographer?

Success shows up differently for everyone, and your goals will be different from those of any other photographer reading this. But do you know specifically what success looks like for you? Do you have the drive to achieve it? Do you know the path to get there? Are you currently taking action to move yourself along that path?

My first experience speaking at the WPPI Photography Convention

My first time going to WPPI was in 2007. It’s crazy to think how much has changed since then. I was young, relatively inexperienced and pretty “green” in our industry. I sat in the crowds, in awe of the teachers up on stage and wrote down all that I could in my notebook, trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I distinctly […]

How you can take your business and photography to the next level

You love the creativity of being a photographer, and you got into it because you love being able to express yourself through your lens and document each moment as it passes. You’re passionate about being the best photographer you can be. To be the best photographer you can be, you must always be growing, learning and […]

PhotoPlus Expo Re-Cap: Inspiration, Networking and Building Relationships

I love my window seat when I fly. It makes me get philosophical on life and business.  Looking down on the tiny clouds below as we return to Buffalo airport from our Chicago stopover I can’t help but marvel at how my time at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City this weekend has affected […]

Embracing the Evolution of Photography Education for Success

You want to grow as a photographer. You don’t accept things as they are now. The photographer and entrepreneur you see yourself being a year from today is different than the one you are now. You’re here because you care about educating yourself as a photographer. Never lose that passion and know that just by being […]


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