Looking back… and ahead!

Bryan Caporicci and I had collaborated on many things before we had a meeting in 2012 that would prove to be bigger than both of us had ever imagined. As we near the big launch date of November 4th 2015, I am filled with pride. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but hey… rides are exciting right?

What you can learn from my dentist

Every year I visit the Dentist. I am greeted by name by the receptionist, who asks me to sit and wait for the Dental Hygienist. The Hygienist comes out to the waiting room within 5 minutes, and also greets me by name, along with a friendly smile. She brings me back to an exam room […]

Are there things you’ve been meaning to do?

You probably have a list of things you’ve been meaning to do, right? Maybe the list is longer than you care to admit. I often teach photographers about productivity and efficiency. The foundation of our popular Take Back Your 80 program was simple – when you install the right systems and processes in your business, […]

Have you ever been frustrated with a software?

We’ve all had bad experiences with software that isn’t user friendly. You probably can relate to the frustration of opening up a new software and not knowing where to start, what to do or where to go. Heck … do you remember your first time opening up Photoshop? It was probably pretty overwhelming, right? What […]

How Elephants Can Show You Your Potential as a Photographer

In many parts of the world, Elephants provide a functional utility, like transportation. As such, an elephant must obey his owner and not run rampant. But an elephant is a pretty large animal, so you’d think he could easily break free and do whatever he wants, right? They can also teach us a lot as […]

Software multi-tasking at it’s best!

I wanted to share a quick little tease for Sprout Studio … another feature that I’m really particularly proud of: our multitasking platform, built right in to Sprout Studio. Why would this be useful? Consider this … have you ever been using a website or an app, and had to leave what you were currently doing to go […]

Software familiarity and helping your clients buy

How do you help your clients buy from you? If you want people to buy, you have to make it easy. The more complicated your buying process, the less likely it is that your customers will make a purchasing decision. There’s a term called “paralysis by analysis”, which is when you make things so complicated […]

Balancing functionality and usability

Do you spend more time behind your computer than you’d like? You’d like to spend less time behind your computer and more time behind your camera, right? Have you ever actually calculated how much time you spend behind your computer as a photographer? It’s probably double what you actually think it is, and I’d bet […]

Does the photography industry really need a better mousetrap?

There is no shortage of innovation in our industry, especially in the software space. I was recently at a conference, and I had a conversation with a photographer who said “everyone seems to be making studio management software these days”, and he was right. There are more and more studio management solutions coming on to […]

100: Bryan and Rob – Our 100th Episode!

Episode #100 of the podcast features a discussion with Bryan and Rob reflecting on the past 100 episodes, looking to the future, and introducing 25 amazing tips from some of our past guests.


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